The toxic political atmosphere in Washington DC is in danger of becoming a reality here in Berkeley Heights. Rather than campaign on the issues, the Woodruff-D'Aquila-Greco team has resorted to scorched-earth, disgusting character attacks on Angie Devanney. We have now confirmed that the Woodruff-D'Aquila-Greco team has received over $4,000 in contributions from the New Jersey Republican State Committee, donated in the form of the mailers that have used these DC-style tactics to try and win this election.  

Berkeley Heights deserves better than this brand of win-at-any-costs politics. We need to bring our community together, not divide it, for that is the only way we can move forward together. The choice made by our opponents in embracing this toxic campaign strategy makes it abundantly clear that new leaders will be needed in order to bring us together, and put a stop to the toxic political tactics that try to tear others down in the pursuit of victory. 

This Tuesday, we ask you to join with us to send the clear message that scorched-earth politics has no place in Berkeley Heights. Please vote for Change We Can Agree On - Angie Devanney for Mayor, and Stephen Yellin & Alvaro Medeiros for Township Council, Column A - Rows 7, 8 and 9! 

For more on our candidates, please visit their website at http://www.ChangeWeCanAgree and follow us on Facebook at