I am Kathleen Mullen, a resident of North Plainfield, NJ, for over thirty years. My husband Kevin and I, and our daughters Kristine and Kerri, are proud of our town and school district. We have a great community life, in a town with people we care about deeply.


The opportunity to serve the North Plainfield School District as a New Jersey State Certified Board of Education Member has been one of the most educational and gratifying life experiences I have had.  I have served ethically, morally, and responsibly as a member of a qualified group of people who understands our function and role as a Board of Education to work together to oversee the budget, set policy, and approve curriculum for programs in order to provide all our students with a thorough and efficient public school education. This also includes understanding many state mandates and how they impact our district.

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It is important to me that I work with a team of educators who have the shared vision that we ultimately are teaching our children to be lifelong learners. I have served these past 17 years with dedicated Superintendents who reinforced my commitment to North Plainfield, and I also have been representing our Board as a member of the Somerset County Educational Services Commission.  As a member of the SCESC, we worked to bring pre-vocational and typical education to Somerset County when the Vocational/Technical school stopped taking our students who did not have the NJ State test scores perceived as needed to be traditional students.


In 2000, I supported the Referendum that repaired aging infrastructure in our buildings and classrooms so that our students could learn in much needed more modern spaces and teachers could work with upgraded systems necessary to teach in this 21st century. This process of upkeep to our buildings is on-going and necessary and I have supported continuing projects in support of enhancing the learning environment for the district staff and students while keeping in mind the financial impact to our taxpayers.


My personal history includes supporting my parents as they fought the battle of mainstreaming my older brother (with cerebral palsy) into public education before IDEA and ADA existed. He now has a 40-year work history, is married and owns his home.  With extreme pride and belief that with the right teachers and family, I have learned that all lives can be productive in their own way.  Professionally, I am an Occupational Therapist with a varied career.  I currently work in education with students who require the least restrictive environment of our particular school. We work in a very unique way to educate students to their fullest potential, and I am extremely proud to be a member of this educational team.


During my terms on the Board, I have served on the Board/Staff, Negotiations, Policy, Somerset County Educational Services Commission and Ad-hoc committees, and I know how much time it takes to be a fully participating and informed member of a group of volunteers whose primary focus is providing the best educational opportunities for the students of North Plainfield.  It would be a privilege to continue my service.