Hello, my name is Paul Monusky, and I am a 40-year-old married father of two girls here in Westfield. My oldest daughter is entering sixth grade at Roosevelt and my youngest daughter is entering third grade at Franklin. I was born in raised on Long Island and am a graduate of the University of Maryland. I am a 11-time EMMY winning producer and director at NFL FILMS. 

My wife and I moved to Westfield nearly nine years ago. We were looking for a great town to raise our children in. We made the right choice.  

My life, both professionally and personally, has primarily revolved around sports. One of the most rewarding things I have done since moving to this town has been to help coach our children. Some of the best memories I have made so far have been while coaching on the soccer, flag football, and softball fields, on the basketball courts, and on the hockey rinks. One of the best things about sports is that there are very simple themes that always seem to be constant. Teamwork, fair play, talent and pride, are qualities that always shine through. The members of this town exhibit these same qualities.

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There is a lot of pride in this town, from the people who grew up here and never left, to the new residents who now call Westfield home. There is talent here, so much talent. From our amazing teachers to our students who have achieved a phenomenal graduation rate and who attend college at an outstanding percentage. This town has shown it can work together, especially through this COVID pandemic.

From the very beginning, my family and I have been amazed at how caring, supportive and kind the residents of this town are. From going to school to playing sports to going to church, we have always felt welcomed. Unfortunately, not all of our town’s residents feel that way.

My interest in running for the school board was ignited by a Westfield High School Junior named Nala Scott, who wrote to Governor Murphy and organized a rally in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. In her passionate speech to thousands of people, she exclaimed that the “Westfield School system had failed her.” After listening to more of the students, Westfield students, come up and talk about their experiences, it pushed me to examine more of this town.

There are great things about this town, but there are things we can do better. From figuring out a better way to use our resources and tax dollars, to supporting our teachers more and giving them the best opportunity to help your student.

It is so obvious throughout these first weeks of school that we have some amazing teachers and administrators that work in this School District. I would love the opportunity to help support them so that we can continue to be the best we can be for our kids.