My name is David Timpanaro. I am a resident and current Randolph Township Council candidate. I have recently read a candidate statement from Lance Tkacs that he stands for protecting and improving Randolph’s infrastructure. Infrastructure includes a lot of things such as, traffic management, road safety, electrical grid, water and waste, paving, potholes, and sidewalks. As a resident, I have personally spoken with Mr. Tkacs at the Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) about the intersection of Dover Chester/Quaker Church Rd./Randolph Ave. I spoke with Mr. Tkacs at that meeting because he was the township council TAC liaison and took part in the discussion during this meeting.

I am a member of the Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC) and have served on the Randolph Recreation Committee. I interact and work with the council liaison/s within these meetings. Part of the role of the council liaison is to bring concerns from these meetings back to the township council for further review. Approximately, one year went by after I first brought this to the attention of multiple council members with no action or response, so I attended a TAC meeting. I spoke with Mr. Tkacs about this infrastructure issue but had not heard back from him.  After I was nearly run over by a “near miss” that ended on my front lawn and in my driveway, I decided to take my concern to the township council at a public meeting. I was finally put in touch with the county to discuss this further, because this intersection connects three county roads.

I have finally made some progress with my direct communication with the county representatives. The county completed a traffic study and the Randolph PD has consistently been present at this intersection. Through partnering with the county, we have added new painted lines, dotted lines for traffic guidance, direction arrows, and more reflective material at stop and turn signs. This is step one to see if some dangers are reduced at this intersection. I have only the township manager Steve Mountain, and the Morris County representatives to thank for tending to my concerns. Unfortunately, I cannot thank Councilman Lance Tkacs for protecting nor improving a dangerous infrastructure issue.

As a candidate for township council, my team and I promise to continue to fight for safe and smart infrastructure throughout Randolph as we grow and add more pressure to our infrastructure. I look forward to your support and look forward to working together as your councilman with my teammates, Joshua Weiner and Jeanette Hernandez.