Fiscal responsibility is one the most crucial responsibilities of the School Board. 70% of Sparta’s school budget comes from local tax dollars.  With state funding recently being cut we need no make sure every dollar is accounted for responsibly. The addition of new programs and ideas is always exciting, however, as a board member the first question you have to ask is “how are we going to pay for it?” 

Coming from a small business I have learned the importance of not only stretching a dollar but also cutting unnecessary expenses. When I first started working in my family business I decided to work on figuring out simple changes I could bring to the company to save money without directly impacting operations. I immediately realized different changes I could make that would save money without sacrifice. Many of these strategies can be inherited by the school board.  

One of the ideas I have is reaching out to our vendors, and asking for a 2% discount on 10 day terms vs the standard 30 day terms. For example, on expenses valued at $1,000,000 dollars we could save $20,000 dollars by paying 20 days early with cash already available. Another idea is converting our bill paying method from paper to electronic. By doing this we would be reducing the expenses of checks, envelopes and postage, ultimately making immediate savings.  

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If elected I will bring my financial knowledge and first hand experience to the school board to make sure Sparta schools remain financially strong. 

Please remember to Vote line 1 for William Washer on November 5th. 

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