After spending so much time at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be getting tired of your current furniture arrangement or wanting to divide up that open floor plan a little more. These creative ideas can help you break up that open floor plan without breaking the bank or requiring construction.

Folding Screens

These are the most obvious way to divide up a room, and they can be a good, versatile option. What is great about folding screens is that you can fold them up and set them aside when they are not needed, so if your space only needs to be divided some of the time, this allows you to do that.

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If you love DIY, you can make your own folding screens too, and it will allow you to flex your creativity, decorating them to fit your personality and your home.


This is another room divider that is quick and easy, and you can easily move to the side when you do not need it. You can hang the curtain rods near the ceiling and set up little private areas throughout your home. To help with sound dampening or insulation, try to find some thicker curtains.


If you want a more permanent divider, a bookshelf is a great option, and it gives you more storage space, which is always a bonus. If you still want to see into the adjoining room, you can get a modular system with baskets instead.

Living Wall

Vertical indoor gardens have become popular recently, and they can be a fun, creative dividing wall. Adding plants will help improve your home's air quality and add some color and a touch of nature to your home. There are endless possibilities for how you design your plant wall, so you can completely customize it to fit your space and style.

Sliding Doors

If you want something a little more permanent to divide up rooms, a sliding door is a good solution, especially if the area you are dividing up is too big to add just a standard door. A glass sliding door is the more common option, but you can also add a barn door if you want something a little more unique.


Dividing a room does not necessarily mean you need to create walls; you can go for something a bit simpler, like furniture. You can angle a couch or loveseat to give a visible division without a wall.


Another way to section off space is by using rugs. If you use a rug that contrasts with your floor to make it obvious that the rug is setting a boundary between two areas of a room. 


These are just a few creative ways you can break up your open floor plan home, to set aside space for different things. There are endless possibilities for how you can divide up space, whether it is permanent, like with a sliding door or a large shelf, or a removable option like a folding screen or curtain. 

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