New Jersey is opening back up and the firefighters, EMTs, and dispatchers of the NJFMBA could not be happier. While protecting our communities is our job, building the community is our passion, and that has been difficult over the past 15 months.

Like everyone, we were struck by the uncertainty that COVID-19 brought to the municipalities we serve. This was an uncertainty that extended across the state, nation, and around the globe.  Where would the next positive case be, how would it impact that patient, what could we do to slow the spread? These were all realities our members faced on a daily basis.  

While our job is synonymous with danger, the spread of a global pandemic, one that for a time seemed unstoppable, was different. There is never a routine call in our careers, and this became even more pronounced in the midst of mitigating through this hidden enemy. We are trained to be the front line of defense to our great state and our members never waiver in that calling. 

While New Jersey rightfully shut down, your firehouses, ambulance squads and dispatch centers did not. Our members reported to work each day, and responded to every alarm. In a strange way, I’ll never forget the eerie sense of responding to emergencies on empty roads with only essential employees permitted out of their house. The members of the NJ FMBA thank all those who provided so much during the pandemic.

I am proud of all that New Jersey has done in one of the most challenging times of our existence. We have truly exemplified our resolve and tenacity and let us all continue to do our part as we open up our great State. Your first responders welcome it!  

On behalf of the over 5,000 members of the NJ FMBA we say thank you for continuing to trust us to provide the service and protections you deserve.