Since the holiday season has quickly crept upon us, I thought this was a good time for some reminders:

Our roads in Yorktown are very busy this time of year, and Route 202 is no exception with the additional construction.

When an emergency vehicle is proceeding down the road, you (the driver) are expected to pull to the right of the road, as that vehicle has the right-of-way. Just think, we may be going to your house. Wouldn’t you want us to be able to get there in a timely fashion?

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In Yorktown, we have volunteers responding to emergencies from their homes and they may have a flashing light on their dashboard. We ask that you yield to these drivers, also, be it EMS or fire personnel.

Just the other day, I was driving to a cardiac arrest in the ambulance. I had to come to a sudden stop in front of the high school because someone was driving and talking on their phone and not paying attention and pulled right out in front of me.

When we finally arrived at that home, no one knew how to do CPR. CPR is easy to learn and there is no reason not to. We offer the class at our headquarters on Route 202. You can check our website: for classes.

The holidays call for celebration, as we all know, and we remind you to please make good, safe choices. Last year during the holiday season, Captain Rich Cariello said that the Yorktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps responded to more than 30 automobile traffic incidents.

And, last but not least, we are about neighbor helping neighbor, and we are always looking for new members. That information is also available on our website.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Tina Harbach is a member of the Yorktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps.