There is nothing that will make you want to fix up your house like being stuck in it for weeks. If you have been putting off home improvement projects, now is the time to complete them! And since most people are stuck at home right now, you may have the whole family present to help. Here are a few home improvement projects you can do during the quarantine.

Redo Your Backsplash

While tiling can seem like a complicated project, it is actually pretty simple, and it is something you can get the kids involved in. You can have your kids design the layout for the backsplash by laying them out on paper while you remove the old tiles and prep the surface for the new ones. You can even get blank tiles and have your kids paint them, just make sure you can protect the paint in the long run, so it does not get ruined.

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Replace Fixtures

Now is an excellent time to reevaluate the lighting fixtures in your home. Do they provide enough light? Are they ugly and out of date? Turn on the lights in your home and walk around, spend time sitting where certain lights are supposed to shed. If an area is too dark, too bright, or the light is too reflective, look at getting some new fixtures. This is another project you can enlist the kids in too! Have them help evaluate the lighting and help pick out the new fixtures. An adult should do the actual replacement, but you can involve the kids in picking out new ones and determining what needs to be changed in your current lighting.

While you are at it, this is the time to replace some of your lampshades too. In doing so, you can give any room a fresh look and help improve your lighting.  

Create A Home Office

Since so many people are now working from home, and homeschooling their children, having a home office is essential. If you already have one that you barely use, now is the time to get it organized and decorated. If you do not have one, then you can either transform a room you do not use into one or turn a corner of your home into an office.

If you are turning a storage room into an office, first take time to sort through everything stored in the room and rearrange boxes to maximize your office space.

Make sure whatever space you make into an office is well lit, or can be made well lit, and there is enough space for you to work comfortably. Try to create a space that makes you happy; whether it is by a window with a perfect view of your garden, has a decoration that you love, or something else, but try to put something in your space that makes you smile.

Give Your Walls Some Personality

There are more things you can do to your walls than just add a simple coat of paint. You can use stencils or sponges to add different shapes and designs to your walls; this is another project that can be fun for the kids, but it will get messy.

You can also hang up new photos or paintings on the walls to make them more personalized.

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