If you work from home, whether because of the COVID-19 pandemic or because you choose to, you need some sort of office space. Many homes have that little nook that just feels impossible to decorate, but you can turn that nook into a small office space for yourself if you do not have the space for an office already.

TV Nook

If your living room has an old TV nook in it, that little section of depressed wall where the bulky TVs of old lived, you should have enough space for a small desk that will hold your computer and a few other important things you need for work. This does not allow for privacy while working, which can make this difficult for someone with a full house right now, but if nothing else, it is at least a little office space where you can work comfortably.

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You can set this up in your bedroom too if it has a TV nook; while it is not always recommended to set up an office in your bedroom if you are not sitting on the bed when you work, it should be okay. Putting your office nook in your bedroom will also give you a little more privacy since there is a door you can shut.

You should add something that makes you smile in the space, whether it is a picture you love, an action figure, or just painting the wall in your favorite color. Right now, we especially need a workspace that makes us smile.


If you have a spacious hallway in your home, you can easily set up a desk there to work on. This also may not give you much privacy, but it would give you a dedicated workspace.

Foyer Or Entryway

Most homes that have foyers or larger entryways may have space for you to set up a little office space. You can leave the coat rack and drop zone table there and set up in the corner of the foyer. Plus, if you meet with clients in your home office, this can let them come straight in without having to go through the rest of the house. You may be able to add a door to the entryway too, depending on how it is structured. Even if you cannot add a traditional door, you may be able to install a sliding barn-style door, which will give your space a unique touch.


Is there a closet in your home that you do not use much? If you do, you can clean it out and set it up as a little home office. Depending on the size of the closet, you may not be able to shut the door for privacy, but you can at least close the door when you are not using it to tuck away your workspace. This can allow you to mentally clock out a little easier too since you can remove it from your view.

Cupboard Under The Stairs

A cupboard under the stairs, or a “Harry Potter closet,” is a great space for a small home office. Even if it is not the biggest closet in your home, it is still enough room for a small desk; if it is big enough, you can even close the door when you need privacy. If it is not big enough for that, you can still shut the door when you finish your workday.

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