Taking part in our democracy means making sure you cast your ballot in this year’s election. While you may have voted in every election for decades, this year’s election is different, and it’s important that you know how and when you can vote. 

If you’re reading this in Bordentown or elsewhere in Burlington or Ocean Counties, you have already been mailed a ballot. If you’ve received your ballot, you can fill it out today and mail it back to be counted. If you would rather drop your ballot off in person, you can utilize one of the secure ballot drop boxes across our state. Those locations can be found online at https://nj.gov/state/elections/vote-secure-drop-boxes.shtml

Both mailing your ballot back and dropping it off at a drop box location are safe and secure. Before you return your ballot, it’s important that you make sure it’s not only filled out correctly, but you have taken the correct steps to ensure it’s counted. This means putting your ballot in the secure inner envelope before putting that into the outer envelope to send. Make sure you sign the certificate and thoroughly follow the instructions so you can know for sure that your ballot will be counted. 

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Once you either drop your ballot off at a drop box, or mail it in, you can track it online at https://www.nj.gov/state/elections/vote-track-my-ballot.shtml to ensure it arrives at the county Board of Elections. You can also drop your ballot off directly at the county Board of Elections.

If you choose to vote at a polling place, know that it will be different than in years past. In-person voting on Election Day will be done by a provisional ballot. That means you will fill out a ‘vote-by-mail’ ballot, which will be verified and counted after Election Day. 

If you have questions about voting or anything regarding your ballot, you can call the election information ballot hotline at 609-265-5229. 

No matter how you’ve voted in the past, know that your options this year are safe, secure and easy. Election Day might be November 3rd, but you can vote every day until then. Don’t pass up this opportunity to have your voice heard; take your ballot, fill it out, and return it today.