CORAL SPRINGS, FL – This past week, I was more than alarmed by the anti-Semitic attacks that have been carried out around the United States, and even in Southeast Florida.

Along with the rest of the Clergy Coalition of Coral Springs and Parkland, I have been working for over 30 years to keep our communities unified no matter our different beliefs or convictions. Quite simply, we can be good neighbors even though we come from different cultures, beliefs, races, or experiences.

That simple statement requires us to believe, of course, that there are more things that unite us than divide us as we live together in our communities. I believe with my whole heart that this is most certainly true, and wherever this is recognized, peace and prosperity has a chance to take root and bless everyone who lives and works together as they walk in such convictions.

I strongly condemn these attacks on our Jewish friends and neighbors. These types of attacks are especially reprehensible because of the long history of such attacks against Jewish populations. We must not allow these bitter seeds to take root in our culture. They only divide us and cause intense pain and suffering.

I stand with my Jewish colleagues, friends, neighbors, and with the Jewish people as a whole. I offer them my encouragement and support, as well as my commitment to work with them on uprooting these bitter seeds from our midst.

Randal Cutter is a pastor and business manager at New Dawn Community Church in Coral Springs and co-chair of the Clergy Coalition of Coral Springs and Parkland.