The shelter-in-place orders brought on by the novel coronavirus have people in full-sized home climbing the walls, needing more space to breathe and places to go. This has to make some wonder how those who live in tiny homes are doing during this confinement.

The term "tiny home" has a few different meanings these days. Some people have a nomadic lifestyle with their tiny homes, which can be little homes on wheels, RVs, or retrofitted vans; the latter is known as #vanlife on social media. Others have a tiny home in a specific location. No matter what version they live in, the members of the tiny home community are facing a set of unique challenges.

Cramped Spaces

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Shannon Soine has been living in a tiny home with her husband for six years and has never had a space issue, even with a newborn, until her husband began to work from home.

"The first day that he worked from home, I was like, 'Oh, my God. This is terrible,'" Soine said. "I was so used to my routines here ... and then once Tim started working from home, I realized he's on conference calls all day, and I can't be just making a bunch of noise."

A Place To Park

Lindsay and Eric Wood are having spatial challenges of a different nature. They have a 300-square-foot tiny home on wheels, and shortly before the lockdown in California, they were asked to leave the property they had their home parked at.

They have yet to find a new place to rent for their tiny home and are currently living with Lindsay's parents while they search. Unfortunately, they currently can only look at empty lots through Zoom, which is making their search for a new lot to rent difficult. This is a challenge that many mobile tiny homes are facing all over the country right now.

Prepared For The Quarantine

There are other families, like Brynn and Spence Burger, who feel that their tiny home had prepared them for this self-isolation. They have lived in a 300-square-foot tiny home on wheels with their two children for three years now, homeschooling their children from the road. Since this family is already used to living together and being constantly together in a confined space, they are not climbing the walls like others are. Brynn suggests scheduling alone time to give yourself an opportunity to breathe as this is an important part of staying sane in such tight quarters.

Tim and Sam from Tiffany the Tiny Home concur with the Burger family; Tiffany — the name of their tiny home — is 270-square-feet and they are used to sharing their small space together. They each work in a different part of their house to give each other space to work.

The pair are skilled at maximizing their space, so when they stocked up before the quarantine, they rearranged to fit everything. Their kitchen was "super full" and they had a grocery bag full of snacks in their living room.



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