When you are staging your home to sell it, you want it to look and feel spacious, especially in the photos for your online listing. If you have a small home, but not a "tiny home," you will want to capitalize on making it look comfortable and feel spacious. Here are some tips to make your small home feel a little bigger when selling.


This is one of the biggest tips to make any home feel bigger, and it will make it easier for you when you prepare to move out too. Go through everything, putting things you do not need any more in boxes to sell, donate, or throw away. Put together another box for the personal items and knickknacks that you do not need to have out when you are staging.

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Decluttering a home is difficult, especially if you are a pack rat, but it is necessary when you are trying to sell your home. This alone can make a huge impact on making your home look bigger, and it is one of the easiest things to do.

Brighten It Up

Making everything brighter can make a room look bigger than a darker room will. Paint the rooms in light shades and decorate with things that reflect light, like metallic finishes and mirrors. With the lights on and windows uncovered, the room should look bright and cheery, but make sure it is not blinding. Check it both at night and during the day, to ensure you have the desired affect no matter what time of day the house is shown.

Take Away The Doors

Remove or prop open all of the doors in the house, except for the ones to the bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets. This will give your potential buyers a greater line of sight, making the home feel more spacious.

Change Up The Furniture

Walk through every room in the house and determine what furniture you actually need and what makes a room look smaller. Remove the oversized sofa that takes up an entire wall; get rid of the chair you keep in your bedroom; swap out the three dressers for one slightly bigger one, less is more. Pulling the furniture away from the walls can also help make it feel bigger; keep furniture out of the walkways. Put your bed as far from the door as possible and leave space to walk around it on both sides.

Clean Out The Closets

Normally when you declutter you may stick some things in the closets to keep them out of the way, but if you are trying to sell your home, this is not a good idea. Your potential buyers want to see how much closet space the house has to offer, and having full closets can make it hard to tell. You can leave some things in the closet, but make sure it is at least half empty, to show the space available and place hangers apart to give the illusion of no room. If it is a particularly deep closet, leaving a tote container in it can help you show how deep the closet is.

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