This is a guest column submitted through a project at Kumpf Middle School.

Last year, a young man from Clark made the decision to be the designated driver for his friends. In a cruel irony, he tragically lost his life to a drunk driver. He was loved by many and truly continues to be missed everyday. Statistics show, every year,10,000 innocent people die as a result of drunk driving.

Drinking and driving can take a life in a matter of seconds, and according to, it takes more teenagers lives than anyone else. Car crashes don’t only affect the people in the vehicle, but also families, or even a whole community. Sometimes, we think this could never happen to us. But, these situations happen to people everywhere across the world, including areas where we live.

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In order to prevent these situations  from happening more often, we can spread the word of organizations such as, “Students Against Drunk Driving,” or “Friends Against Drunk Driving,” and many more. There are  also many ride services, that can be used more often. One of the most popular ride services is Uber. But, these different ride services can also be dangerous, so always have someone with you and never go alone. If you feel uncomfortable, before you drink you can always make sure to have a designated driver. Alcohol is all around and humans always make bad decisions. The most simple way of preventing this matter is being responsible in situations of alcohol.

Drinking and driving is never a good decision to make. You’re not only putting your life at risk, but also other peoples lives that are on the road. Don’t let alcohol be the reason to destroy your life or others.


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