I recently took the oath of office to serve as Assemblyman representing the 30th Legislative District which is comprised of 14 towns in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, including Belmar and Lake Como.

Since 2017, I have had the honor of representing this district along with my colleagues, Assemblyman Sean Kean and Sen. Robert Singer. I am honored by the trust placed in me by the citizens of these communities, and I am committed to making sure their interests are represented in Trenton.

Of course, New Jersey faces a number of challenges that threaten our economic health, our quality of life and our status as a state where people can afford to live, work and retire. In fact, addressing the state’s affordability crisis will again be my top priority in Trenton.

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Put simply, ever-increasing taxes and especially, property taxes, are making it harder and harder for people to stay in New Jersey and forcing too many residents to move to more affordable states like the Carolinas and Florida.

In addition, too many of our job-creating businesses are struggling with onerous government regulations and skyrocketing taxes in a business climate that consistently ranks as the worst in the nation. In just two years under Gov. Phil Murphy, state spending has increased by $4 billion and taxes have been raised by over $2.5 billion.

The courts are forcing towns to construct thousands of units of affordable housing, which will destroy open space and further strain municipal budgets. And local school districts continue to get shortchanged in state school aid which drives up our property taxes.

As a small business owner and former mayor, I have seen firsthand how these and other Trenton policies are devastating our residents and our local communities. That is why I will continue to utilize my position to not only offer solutions to our serious problems, but to fight tirelessly against any initiatives that would increase the burden on taxpayers who have reached the breaking point.

Additionally, while I will continue to tackle the critical issues facing our state, I also remain committed to advocating for the towns I represent and the residents of these wonderful communities. As such, I urge residents to contact me at 732-974-0400 or email me at AsmThomson@njleg.org if I can ever be of assistance in any matter.

Assemblyman Edward “Ned” Thomson represents the 30th Legislative District, which includes Belmar and Lake Como.