Cleaning out your gutters is something that many homeowners will lament over having to do. Some will skip the task entirely because they cannot do it themselves and hiring a professional to clean their gutters might be expensive. However, ignoring your gutters can lead to severe water damage in your home.

Your gutters collect leaves and other debris throughout the year, and as they build up, they can get blocked. The rain they are supposed to send through downspouts will instead back up on the roof or eaves, overflow into your yard and other parts of your house. In addition to the water flowing where it should not be, overflowing gutters can be heavy and will bend and break, causing damage to your home.

Here are some of the damages you may face if you do not clean out your gutters.

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Water Damage

The rain can end up causing severe water damage to the interior and exterior of your home. The rainwater can find its way into the interior of your home, damaging your walls and ceilings.

Overflowing gutters can also cause a flooded basement or crawl space and crack your foundation.

Your roof can also be damaged by overflowing gutters and cause leaks or rotting.

This water damage is expensive to repair, and insurance companies do not always cover water damages. The water damage can also lead to mold if it is not caught early enough — which is even more expensive to repair.


The leaves and debris filling your gutters can make a cozy home for critters. Birds might choose to make nests in the gutter, as might rodents. Insects, like bees and wasps, can also find a comfortable home in the debris. These pests may eventually move into your home if they are left there unchecked for too long.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

While this is something that is largely dependent on where you live and how many trees are nearby, a good general rule is twice a year: in the spring and in the fall.

In autumn, clean them out when the leaves are gone from the majority of your nearby trees. Getting them cleaned in the spring is also important, because the winter may have blown new debris into your gutters. As your surrounding nature comes to life in the spring, things can end up making their way into your gutters, especially if you live near maple trees since they have the little helicopters that get everywhere.

Depending on how many trees are in your area, you may not need to have your gutters cleaned twice a year. If you are in an area without many trees, you can probably get away with cleaning your gutters once a year. In contrast, if you are in an area with many trees, you might need to clean your gutters twice in autumn, because there are simply too many leaves to wait until everything is done falling. You can always contact your local roofing companies to find out how often they recommend having your gutters cleaned.

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