Sparta High School Holds Academic Scholarship Dinner

National Merit Scholarship - Kacey Dalton, Alexandra Poret Credits: Kada Cernek
Sparta Woman's Club Scholarship - Katharine Campion, Mary Warner, Bayleigh Takacs Credits: Kada Cernek
Smile Award-Knight Family Scholarship - Bayleigh Takacs, Mr. and Mrs. Knight, Sophia Sandgran presenter Andrew Lowery Credits: Kada Cernek
RoNetCo Award, Mountain Broadcasting Scholarship WMBC TV, Thomas & Agnes Murray Scholarship, and James Abel Scholarship - Credits: Kada Cernek
Tony Pompelio and Schoolmates Award of Courage - Emily Kosker presented by Detective Sergeant Keith Hannam Credits: Kada Cernek
Brian M. Laddey Memorial Scholarship - Paige Smith presented by Renata Mizak Credits: Kada Cernek
Sparta Kiwanis Scholarships -Presenter Frank Bennett, Kaylynn Pierce, Alexandra Poret, Alexander Hofgesang, Ryan Ryersen, Matthew Guerra and presenter Jeff Matt Credits: Kada Cernek
Credits: Kada Cernek
Laura Ammaturo,PSTO Chairperson for Academic Awards Dinner, Kristen Davis PSTO President Credits: Kada Cernek
The James B. Nye Scholarship - Aliya Wolfe-Nye, recipient Erin Walse, Ilse Wolfe, Ellis Wolfe-Nye Credits: Kada Cernek
Credits: Kada Cernek
Sussex Bank Scholarship - Victoria Montesano presented by Keri Marino Credits: Kada Cernek
Sparta Ambulance Herb Orel Scholarship - John McChesney, Julianna Riehl, Katharine Campion, Kayla Edwards, Nadir Hassan, Allyson Wright Credits: Kada Cernek
Greg Holowach Memorial Scholarship - Daniel Baker, presenter Lorna Holowach, April VanNieuwland, Hailey Mead Credits: Kada Cernek
Credits: Kada Cernek
Pass it Along Scholarship - Victoria Montesano, Daniel Baker, Gianluca Bivona, Jamie Rennie, Madelyn McEllen presenter Dan Leary Credits: Kada Cernek
Sparta Township Distinguished Student Award - Hailey Mead and councilman Gil Gibbs Credits: Kada Cernek
Brian M. Laddey Memorial Scholarship - Paige Smith and presenter Renata Mizak Credits: Kada Cernek
Lt. Charles A. Meyer Memorial Scholarship - Matthew Guerra, Chaplain Jack Tripp, Ryan Ryersen, Kaylynn Pierce Credits: Kada Cernek
Credits: Kada Cernek
Lakeland Bank Scholarship - Christopher Hakkenberg, presenter Susan Wilke, Melanie Cardoso-Lozano Credits: Kada Cernek
Vietnam Veterans of America Robert Wheelock Memorial Chapter 327 Scholarship - Presenter Michael Eckstein, Ryan Ryersen Credits: Kada Cernek
NJ Knights of Columbus: Father John Murray Scholarship, Saint Katerina Squires Counselor Award, Saint Katerina Knights of Columbus Father Patrick Rice Memorial Scholarship - Credits: Kada Cernek
Frank Bennett, Ryan Ryersen, Jeff Matt Credits: Kada Cernek
WISPER Senior Scholarship - Hannah Fagersten, Dr. Giovanni Cusmano Credits: Kada Cernek
PSTO Scholarships -presenter Kristen Davis, Sophia Sandgran, Eric Castorina, Melanie Cardoso-Lozano Credits: Kada Cernek
German Christmas Market and Germania Park Awards - Benjamin Dottinger, Emerson Chin, Brendan Huff, Terence Rippon, Michael Lauricella, Robert Pegollo, Audrey Biss, Chambray O'Brien, Benjamin Schultz Credits: Kada Cernek
Jerome Amend, PhD Life Science Scholarship - Katharine Campion, presented by Marisa Wilson Credits: Kada Cernek
Tatiana Esteva-Ingram, Lucille Mure, Jamie Rennie, Alexander Hofgesang, Quinlan Van Es, Steven Sullivan Credits: Kada Cernek

SPARTA, NJ – Sparta High School held their academic scholarship dinner at Perona Farms last week.  With their families looking on, students received scholarships from area and national organizations.

"The staff and administration would like to congratulate all of the seniors who received scholarships at the dinner on June 13th," Principal Janet Ferraro said.

Awards included:

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  • National Merit Scholarship
  • Sparta Woman's Club
  • RoNetCo Award,
  • Mountain Broadcast Scholarship WMBC TV
  • Thomas and Agnes Murray Scholarship,
  • James Abel Scholarship,
  • Jerome Amend PhD Lice Science Scholarship,
  • German Christmas Market Scholarship, Germania Park Award,
  • PSTO Scholarships,
  • WISPER Senior Scholarship,
  • NJ Knights of Columbus,
  • Father John Murray Scholarship,
  • Saint Katerina Squires Counselor Award,
  • Saint Katerina Knights of Columbus Father Patrick Rice Memorial Scholarship,
  • Sparta Kiwanis Scholarship,
  • Vietnam Veterans of America Robert E. Wheelock Memorial Chapter 327 Scholarship,
  • Lakeland Bank Scholarship,
  • Lt. Charles A. Meyer Memorial Scholarship,
  • Brian M. Laddey Memorial Scholarship,
  • Sparta Township Distinguished Student Award,
  • Pass it Along Scholarship,
  • Smile Award – Knight Family Scholarship,
  • Greg Holowach Memorial Scholarship,
  • Sparta Ambulance Herb Orel Scholarship,
  • Tony Pompelio and Schoolmates Award of Courage
  • Sussex Bank Scholarship,
  • James B Nye Scholarship.

"I would like to thank Mrs. Dalton and her staff as well as Kristen Davis, Laura Ammaturo and the PSTO  for making it a great night," Ferraro said.

Other awards, including Presidential Scholar and department awards will be presented on Wednesday morning at the school.

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