Council President David Naidu's long and delayed reply to Ward 1 Council Candidate Eileen Kelly’s statement on Broad Street West Redevelopment did not answer her two simple questions. 

Eileen first asked who the City’s point person is in the negotiations with the private developer L&M/Toll Brothers? The answer was a missing needle in Mr. Naidu’s haystack.

Eileen’s second question was, can the public see a copy of the "Conditional Designation and Escrow Agreement" between the City of Summit and L&M/Toll Brothers? This agreement was signed seven months ago. The right answer would have been, “Here it is.” For sure, negotiations are mostly exempt from the Right to Know Law. But signed contracts with outside parties are not. Instead, Mr. Naidu’s reply was to take the reader on a guided tour of a process some time ago. 

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Can Mr. Naidu answer these two questions, or pass them onto another Council Member with a firmer grasp of where we are today and where we are going with this vital project?

Jim Bennett, Summit