Dear Editor:

I was terribly upset to hear of the racial incident that took place in our town on Sunday. An inter-racial family had one of their cars defamed with a large letter N placed on a window using soap. People move to our township because of the great community life and the acceptance of all. This is not Scotch Plains.  

I have just received an update from the town manager and police chief. A rigorous investigation is being conducted.  As further information becomes available, we will share it with the public, as appropriate. I will continue to help lead the Truth, Racial Healing, Transformation (TRHT) committee to address and eliminate such bigotry in our Township.

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Why such bigotry exists in the world and especially in our township is unacceptable. I can speak for the whole Township Council and leadership team that we deplore this incident and will do our best to address and eliminate such bigotry in our township.

If anyone has information on this incident, please call the police at (908) 322-7100.

Al Smith
Mayor of Scotch Plain