When we  kicked off this campaign 9 months ago, I ran knowing that every vote made, every question asked and every challenge made was in the best interest of our children. I made and challenged policy to ensure that our children would have every advantage owed to them and that is the very least that we owed them, for far to long our children’s education and future have been used as a bargaining tool for those who did want or see the potential that I know our children possess. 

Here we are now, at the very cusp of local control and our constitutional right to provide quality education to all of our children, there are those that will come to you with false promises under the guise of what they think is best for children that they don’t know, with no proven track record or plan to secure an educational future for our children, nor a comprehensive plan that gives us hope. The role of a school board member cannot be left to those individuals who pledge to only learn or read about the role once elected, one needs to have a clear understanding of the role and educational law. Our children’s future cannot be placed in the hands of those who are willing to take a crap shoot at their future and rubber stamp decision that will have lasting  effects for generations to come. 

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I firmly believe if the playing fields were leveled and our children had the opportunities and quality education as their counter parts in other districts have, our children would meet and rise to the challenge and show the excellence that I and others know that they possess. 

So, I urge and ask you all to get out and vote for a proven fighter who won't play politics with our children’s education, but will ask the tough questions, challenge the status quo, and be someone who creates responsible and sound legislation that gives our children a fighting chance. It is imperative that you vote to Re- elect Commissioner Emanuel Capers 1D for Paterson school board. 

Emanuel Capers

Commissioner Paterson School Board