Thank You, TAPinto Nutley for allowing a different point of view; I desire to respond to John Kelly’s recent statement for Nutley Cultural Inclusion and Diversity Council (NCIDC).

There was a tee shirt in the 1970’s with the picture of a guy and a girl holding hands.  The caption stated “Viva la Difference.”

That bakes the question why cannot the Nutley citizens listen to the diversity committee meeting, via zoom, to hear the (NCIDC) concerns.

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The word inclusion is bandied about, profusely.  Why?  The diversity committee was established, via Nutley taxes, to provide inclusion for groups, in Nutley, that felt left out.  How does that feel, now? 

I detest details, alas, you voted for the Nutley Best practices.  The best practices state in part, public transparency.  Nutley Board of Commissioners (BOC) must certify the best practices, to the State of New Jersey, to receive public funds for the Township.

Most people, myself included, do NOT understand the issues.  Active listen states, “You can change my mind”.  I need to hear the issues, so I can understand others' points of view.

I belong to a meetup group NYC Political Forum.  We debate anything.  The debate group allows for open and constructive dialog.  No one or no thoughts are quashed. Ralph Waldo Emerson penned “Our best thoughts come from others.”  John Kelly, allow, the thoughts from others to be heard.

The Mission statement of the (NCIDC) is to foster understanding of diversity and inclusion. How? If the (NCIDC) meets in secret, how does the understanding and dialog begin?   

If there is no special treatment for the committee, why is the meeting closed to the public?  John Kelly, listen to your words diversity, inclusion, openness where?  I suspect people may fear the teaching polices in Nutley grammar schools similar to San Francisco.

John Kelly, if there is nothing to fear why the closed doors?  Sorry, John Kelly there are no internal committees.

Evans lost that fight a few years ago when he created an internal committee and allowed no one to listen.  The State of New Jersey had a different opinion.  Where is that internal committee now?  Evans created a committee to redevelop Nutley Downtown filled with his financial donors.

Your comments to the citizens of Nutley are disgraceful and dismissive.  You assert the findings from (NCIDC) will be voted before the Nutley Commissioners.

The Nutley Board of Commissioners want to eviscerate the Nutley Volunteer Rescue Squad and you think I will trust your committee in closed doors.  

John Kelly your post to the citizens of Nutley suggests a legal process.  The Nutley BOC will vote on the issues.  The issues can only be via a resolution.  The citizens can only speak for three minutes.

John Kelly do you really suggest the citizens can only speak for three minutes on diversity issues.  Really? 

I will conclude, a Nutley Citizen must file a permit for a garage sale and a picnic in the park.  

Why is BLM allowed to just show up for a protest, no permit?  John Kelly, protest is a quintessential an American right.  Alas, how many people will attend on Saturday, July 25? 

John Kelly where will the woman go to the bathroom?  Will the Nutley citizens be safe? John Kelly if the citizens of Nutley are safe why did we pay $100,000 in police overtime

John Kelly I will debate you anytime anywhere.  You tell me where and when and I will be there.  The citizens of Nutley have rights as well.

Rory Moore.

Editor's note: Commissioner John V. Kelly's statement can be read here: Commissioner Kelly’s Response To False Statements Regarding the Nutley Cultural Inclusion and Diversity Council