To My Friends and Supporters,

I wish to take this opportunity to  thank you all of you for making me the Democratic candidate for the Second Ward of Hawthorne.  As I walked through the Ward during the primary, I noticed our community has new faces as well as familiar faces all of whom have addressed their concerns. I have heard every one. My candidacy, and now my platform, has become more concrete because of you. Further, I have come to realize good government isn’t something that comes with age,  but rather the ability to listen and to address concerns.

Hawthorne is my town. It is where I have been born and raised.  Now, as a candidate, I plan on giving back to the community that has given me so much. Building relationships with individuals, businesses, community organizations has been an integral part of my candidacy. I am indebted to their support.

I personally want to thank everyone on my GOTV team who gave tirelessly of their time to make primary day a victory. I am grateful for your gifts of time and talent.  I look forward to seeing you as I walk through the town and listening to your concerns as we head to another victory in November.