I’ve been waiting 10 months for the Ethics Board to make a determination on a very straightforward complaint I filed in July 2018: whether a former town official violated the revolving door clause of the Ethics Law.

The language in the revolving door clause is very clear. It states that a former official cannot represent another person or corporation before any town body for one year from the time the official leaves the town’s service.

In my complaint, I provided the Ethics Board with the date and place of the alleged violation.

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As the facts are a matter of public record, there wasn’t much that needed an extensive or prolonged investigation. Certainly not one that would take 10 months.

To make matters worse, the Ethics Board hasn’t answered my two most recent emails requesting a status update on my complaint.

So, after 10 months, I have no idea if my complaint is still being investigated. Or why it’s taking so long. I’m beginning to wonder if we have a functioning Ethics Board. 

Why have an Ethics Board if it can’t or won’t act?