To the Editor:

To our community, I write to you as a friend, Chatham Township neighbor and former Mayor of Chatham Township. This is a very important election and I am asking your support for Amee Shah and Philip Ankel.

This has been a rough year for the Township with a lot of difficult decisions having to be made. Understanding the issues that have come to light this year has taught us we cannot remain silent. We need to choose the best candidates without regard to the political divisiveness, where we have had good committee members voted out in the primary by their own party. Our residents and our Township need to be the focus. And Amee and Phil will represent all in our community.

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The Township faces many challenges, financial and housing development to name a few, and we need people like Amee and Phil who value facts over politics. They are fiscally conservative attorneys with strong qualifications and leadership skills and will work for the best interests of all residents. I ask for your vote for the SHAH and ANKEL team.


Former Mayor Sue Hoag