Dear Editor,

My family and I have lived in Randolph Township for a decade.  We love it here and see Randolph as and being a great place to live.  However, I feel there are many things that can be done better to make us a more inclusive township. This election I am supporting Democrats David Timpanaro, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez.

Dave has coached my son in basketball and soccer. I have also had the opportunity to get to know Dave as we have coached alongside each other and grabbed a bite to eat around town. Over the last year I have seen David Timpanaro, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez step up to help fill a needed gap during a pandemic by starting a food drive to stock the Randolph food pantry. The pantry received so many contributions because of this food drive, that the pantry had to ask the campaign to halt their efforts because they were full. This is an impressive show of compassion and understanding of how to help others during these challenging.

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I am voting to move Randolph forward in vision and action, not just words or just because the others have been in there already. I am voting for candidates that will help keep Randolph Township ahead of the curve on smart development, a balanced budget, and most importantly equality and inclusion for all residents.  If we continue to vote the same people in, we will continue to see the same results.  There are times when fresh perspectives are required and I strongly feel that time is now.

I have known David Timpanaro for several years and have gotten to know his passions and who he really is. Dave is honest and accountable and is someone my family has always been able to count on.  I trust him and his running mates to bring my voice to the Township Council.

I firmly believe David Timpanaro, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez will be the councilmembers needed to drive Randolph forward. The Democratic ticket for Township Council are 3 votes I am confident in.

Warm Regards,

Neil Slattery