I appreciate former state Sen. Terrence Murphy confirming the accuracy of my recent letter. But I did not lie.

Murphy confirmed that he submitted a Senate bill (S05481) requiring a study on the state’s payments to localities for state-owned land. That’s what I said, and that’s what he did.

That’s all he did. That is my point!

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You can find Murphy’s 2018 study at: (tax.ny.gov/pdf/publications/orpts/state-owned-lands-ch222.pdf)

As I pointed out in my January letter, this study did not result in any money. It only confirmed what previous studies had already shown: The state compensates localities in an arbitrary way. The Murphy study didn’t even recommend funding to compensate communities like Yorktown that have not been receiving any payments, while our neighbors have. Putnam Valley receives money for its share of Trump Park; Yorktown receives nothing!

The study found that Yorktown could receive the following:

• Yorktown, in lieu of property taxes: $83,626/year

• Yorktown School District: $484,629/year

• Lakeland School District: $1,559,922/year

Imagine what the schools could be doing with this money.

Nearly two years of lost revenue. Those are the undisputed facts.

But the Murphy study made no recommendations. Yorktown would have been well served to get the rate other towns are getting, instead of nothing.