Stories of “gerrymandering” are all over the news as unfair and discriminatory maps get taken to court in states around the country. Too often, politicians from both major parties manipulate the district map drawing process to shut voters out of the process and create “safe” seats for themselves for an entire decade. As an organization that promotes voter participation, the League of Women Voters joins with other groups around the country to call for an end to gerrymandering. The only way to ensure free and fair elections is to implement a new redistricting process that engages the public, keeps communities together and prevents politicians and party operatives from acting in their own self- interests. That is why we support the Fair Districts New Jersey campaign, an initiative to make redistricting more transparent, independent and community-focused. Through Fair Districts, we can work to improve New Jersey’s flawed redistricting process in which two teams – one Democratic and one Republican – work behind closed doors to create our state’s new map. Visit to learn more, and join us to fight for fair maps in New Jersey.


Susan Ferris-Rights

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