From the Fair Lawn High School Class of 2019 

The Fair Lawn High School Class of 2019 would like to respond to the situation that occurred within our community on September 8th, 2020. We heard about the appalling incident involving kids from the high school, including one graduate from our year, who “pantsed” a local 13-year-old, recorded it, and then put it on social media. The child's crying will resonate with us for a long time. 

This situation does not in any way reflect our town, high school, or class. These kids have denigrated our school motto of “Work Hard, Be Nice.” The class of 2019 recognizes that the high school is currently working with the FLPD on the appropriate course of action. We wish that those involved are held accountable for their actions as it constitutes such things as a violation of privacy, child pornography, and sexual harassment.

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We also send our deepest sympathy and well wishes to the victim and his/her/their family. 

The class of 2019 has also reached out to the local ACA (Access for All Committee) to assist in any way we can to better support our community. 

We stand with the victim and his/her/their family and hope that an appropriate response is taken swiftly. 

Stay safe and healthy, Fair Lawn High School Class of 2019 - Penned by Bernard Moerdler