To the Editor:

Shah and Ankel woefully disappointed in the recent League of Women voters debate.  They clearly lack knowledge, expertise, and ideas on the subjects.  Their presentation of ideas was lackluster and not persuasive.  I’ve seen Chatham Middle School students who were more engaging and persuasive.  (We have amazing students!) I was honestly surprised based on their stated resumes to see such unsophisticated debate.

Make no mistake, Chatham Township is in a courtroom right now and into the future.   Based on this debate, Shah and Ankel demonstrate they will be mowed over and unable to secure a favorable outcome for Chatham Township.  Felice and Hamilton show a persuasive intelligence and experience with the issues that will enable Chatham township to effectively negotiate the affordable housing issue and engage with the many other entities both private and public that are critical to a thriving Township.

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If I needed a lawyer to represent me personally, Shah and Ankel wouldn’t even make the short list.  A clever and agile mind would make mincemeat out of both of them if anyone was even paying attention to their leaden delivery.   Felice and Hamilton are the compelling leaders we need for such a critical juncture for our community. 

Christina Petersen

Chatham Township