There is a big difference between promising an outcome and promising a plan.

Mayoral candidate and Council President Kristine Morieko, along with Council candidates, Teresa Gilbreath and Rob Dill, understand this and have spent much of 2019 knocking on most of the doors in Glen Rock to forge a partnership with the residents where every conversation adds some element to their plan for the town. 

Kristine, Teresa, and Rob know how to use the common threads in disparate points of view to pave a path toward a plan that is optimal collectively for residents, and for the town.

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It is unusual for a Council President to serve consecutive years, but Kristine was so perfect in the role that the council reappointed her this year. Her contribution to the continuity of council work sessions, her ability to keep the council organized, and her insistence on putting resident voices and faces on issues are only a few of the things that she brings to our group. She serves as Chair of the Public Safety Committee, liaison to the fire department, member of the Library and Planning Boards, and as mom to my twin deputy mayors, Maddie and Brayden. Her decade of working with municipal law has brought added benefit to the governing body and her tenure as a lifetime resident has influenced every decision that she has been a part of.

Teresa is a longtime resident and has volunteered as a parent over the years including working with her daughter’s girl scout troop and taking on a leadership role for a recent Grad Ball. Her passion for the town compelled her to join the Green Team, currently as co-chair, and to become an advocate for herself and others at Council meetings. Her ability to get her point across passionately but with positivity struck me during the discussions relating to the Byrd School area last year. Her search for solutions rejects confrontation and embraces conversation. This is a quality that would serve our town well on the Council.

Rob is also a long-time resident and has dedicated a generous amount of time to sharing his passions in ways that can benefit others. He is a long-distance runner, a skill he shared by acting as race director for our town’s Splash and Dash for Kids for ten years. He is an Eagle Scout and, despite not having any sons, he acts as Assistant Scoutmaster for Glen Rock Troop 15. His passion for sustainability has led to him serving as co-chair of the Shade Tree Advisory Committee after serving many years on the Environmental Commission. He brings the skills that he has attained as a long time college professor to all of these endeavors through his passion for sharing knowledge, his ability to develop and plan achievable, yet ambitious, goals, and an appreciation for the benefits of open two-way communication. Rob would be an incredible addition to the Borough Council.

I look forward to voting for this incredible team on November 5th.