I believe deeply in Holmdel.  Our reputation as a jewel in New Jersey’s crown has been built upon decades – more than a century really – of commitment. 

The commitment to education – to our kids – has been instrumental in cultivating that reputation. 

Our township is currently falling short of that commitment.

The majority of Holmdel residents move here, at least in part, because of our school system.  It provides opportunities for a better future for our children and – speaking pragmatically – keeps our home values up. 

With that comes the expectation that our Township Committee will support our schools and work in concert with the Board of Education to foster the growth and development of our children.

But it ALL starts with ensuring a safe, secure learning environment.  Holmdel Township – and the committee that governs us – is responsible for public safety.  It’s not a controversial statement, it’s a known fact. 

So why do they refuse to pay for security at our schools? 

It costs our Board of Education $300,000 a year to provide security for our kids.  That’s $300,000 spent just to ensure a safe, secure learning environment.  If the township honored its commitment to public safety, that money could be redirected back to our children for their social, emotional, mental, and physical health. 

To be clear, if budgeted for correctly, this can be done WITHOUT RAISING TAXES. 

In fact, it will cost just a fraction of the money generated by our PILOT program to get it done.

In 2018, then-mayor Tom Critelli signed the original shared services agreement with the Board of Ed.  In it, the Township agreed to review the security costs every year as the PILOT funds became available.  In fact, he and Committeeman DJ Luccarelli remain steadfast in their belief the Township should cover the costs of security at our schools.

I only wish the other members of the Township Committee felt the same way.

How can protecting our kids NOT be a priority?

These are unprecedented times and the need to support our kids has likely never been greater.  It’s time for the other members of the Holmdel Township Committee to step up and at least do the bare minimum for our children – keep them safe.

If elected to the Holmdel Township Committee, I will make it a top priority to focus on public safety and make sure we invest in our kids.

The Republican Primary Election is June 8th.  I, along with ALL ENDORSED REPUBLICAN candidates, will be in Column 3.

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