After attending the last Yorktown Town Board meeting, I was appalled to see the efforts made by the former supervisor and his colleagues to push Yorktown to adopt a resolution to reverse the recently passed New York State Reproductive Health Act. As individuals, they have the right to their opinions on state, national and global issues, but these issues are clearly outside the jurisdiction of our town. See it for what it is: a political ploy used to bring divisive, hot-button issues into our town, clearly hoping for political gain.

I give Supervisor Ilan Gilbert and the board so much credit for keeping a laser-like focus on the real long- and short-range issues Yorktown faces, such as new business expansion, emergency storm preparation, and continued road improvement. I hope that the board will resist this political ploy to distract from their important mission.

Unfortunately, there will always be critical issues that we face as a nation. However, we should not be asking for town resolutions on these issues. The RHA, and women’s rights in general, surely is important. Well, so is global warming; but are we supposed to pass a resolution demanding that we stay in the Paris Climate Accords? How about resolutions on using federal parkland for drilling, or tariffs? There are any number of things that affect us: that doesn’t mean we, at the town level, have any jurisdiction to do anything about them. You should talk to your state and federal representatives about these issues.

Resist this fake “resolution controversy!” Keep it real.