Dear Editor:

I am writing to ask my fellow residents to vote for Len Resto for Council.  Len has been one of the most responsive Council members in all the time my family has lived in Chatham.  We really got to know Len when he inserted himself during our first of many power outages at the hands of JCP&L.  Len actually walked over to our home, got to the right people at JCP&L and was continually following up to make sure our power was restored.

Len has also been a voice for diversity and inclusion in Chatham and I see him all the time at cultural events.  He genuinely cares about people.  Most recently, he has been helping the hungry at the weekly food drive where Chatham residents who are food insecure due to COVID, are provided produce and other food items for the week.  

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Len’s been a leader on the environment.  From keeping Pilgrim Pipeline out of our drinking water to getting single-use plastic bags out of our air, water and recycling, Len seems to be at the cutting edge of things that need to be done. 

Len is the type of Council member we need to watch out for all of us.  Please join me in voting for Len on November 3rd.


Corkie Ziegler

Lafayette Ave

Chatham Borough