Dear Residents,

My name is Sergio Guzman, Chief of the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad.

I would like to address recent events that have shaken the trust and faith of the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad. We are an apolitical organization with one goal: to provide the highest quality Emergency Medical Service to the town of Westfield. This has been our mission for the past 68 years, and our dedication to serving you will not change. Our EMTs are licensed by the state of New Jersey and are educated about the latest advances in the field of emergency medicine in order to maintain their licenses. Regardless of personal opinions or beliefs of any member, we take every call seriously and treat each patient with the care and dignity they deserve. We respect the fact that when we respond to an emergency, the patient has trusted us with their life. This is a responsibility that each of our EMTs is grateful to accept.

Our newsletter delivers the local news that you can trust.

I humbly apologize to each and every Westfield resident that was disturbed by the personal opinions of one of our members. I ask you to please not judge our organization by those opinions. Over the past several months I have witnessed the true spirit of volunteerism demonstrated by our members. Each member who came in during the COVID-19 pandemic put their life in harm’s way to serve the residents of Westfield. They did this for no monetary gain; instead, they did it for the chance to help a stranger in their hour of need. This is the true character of the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad.

I would again like to reassure you that our organization is and will remain to be an apolitical entity. We remain solely committed to our goal of proving the best Emergency Medical Services when our residents call 911.


Sergio Guzman
Chief of the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad