As everyone is aware, there is an upcoming primary in Cranford between two Democratic candidates and that primary has become very contentious. We are just three of the many Cranford residents who voiced their concerns on social media about one of these candidates.

On May 29th, at 1:50 a.m., Cranford’s Deputy Mayor Brian Andrews, answered our concerns with a post on his official Facebook Page. In summary, he said citizens like us who question this candidate are sexist and went as far as to insert screenshots of our comments, including our names, in the post. We feel that his derogatory and disparaging remarks about us and our comments were intended to slander us with the goal of intimidating those Cranford residents who don’t support his choice for candidate.

The post remained on his official Facebook page until the next day.  He then redacted our names and posted an update saying that he wished he’d handled the situation differently but still accused us of being sexist for questioning his candidate. He has since removed our comments entirely from his Facebook post, but the damage has been done.

We reached out to the Township Committee requesting that action be taken against Deputy Mayor Brian Andrews, After 48 hours and a follow-up email, the Township Administrator responded with: “Thank you for your email. As you've stated that you have filed an ethics complaint, we will await the outcome of the process and respond, if at all, at that time”.

Did you just hit the brakes too? “…if at all, at that time?” 

The bottom line here is a sitting Deputy Mayor used his official Facebook page to falsely label constituents as sexist in an effort to stop residents from questioning his candidate and used his position to intimidate voters.

The whole issue could have been resolved if Deputy Mayor Andrews had issued an apology to the citizens he singled out. The Mayor and the Township Committee should have acknowledged our complaint and reprimanded Mr. Andrews for his social media postings and voter intimidation. That they have not, speaks volumes.

Cranford residents use your voice to say “Enough!”. Pressure the Mayor and the Township Committee to hold elected officials accountable for their actions. Tell them you are dissatisfied with their inaction and to stop protecting their own.

Cranford residents use your vote to say “Enough!”. Come election day, choose the candidate who truly has Cranford's best interest at heart. Let’s win back Cranford for ALL its residents.