This is my personal, enthusiastic endorsement and strong encouragement to Cranford Democrats to support Tom Hannen on June 8th during the Democratic Primary (#14D).  

I am supporting Tom because he is right on so many of the important issues facing Cranford today, while also keeping an eye forward on the issues our community will be confronted with in the not so far away future. I could recite a list of votes Tom cast where he put the Cranford Community over partisan political pressure, or the numerous proactive solutions he advanced to fight off bad development within our wonderful community, but I know the Cranford community is informed, intelligent, and has seen Tom’s public track record. We will not be bamboozled or hoodwinked by those who prioritize politics over the good of the Cranford Community.  

I have chosen to publicly endorse Tom not only because I believe he has and will continue to do what is best for Cranford, but because of the untruths and innuendos some individuals and politicians have made concerning Tom. In addition to being Tom’s friend I am his campaign treasurer and know that there is no secret Super Political Action Committee funding Tom. In addition, it is insulting, offensive and wrong for individuals to attempt to connect Tom to the ‘Proud Boys’, as a disingenuous few have tried. Tom is the only Township Commissioner who is a member of the Roselle Area NAACP, who regularly accepts invitations to attend NAACP Freedom Fund Banquets and is an Executive Member. Cranford voters are too intelligent to fall for these deceptive political tactics. 

For some politicians, it seems voting as their party bosses demand, regardless of what is in the best interest of their community, is a pre-requisite for support. Tom’s willingness to stand up and speak out on the issues that matter most has served Cranford residents well, and is exactly what we need moving forward. In the end we will remember not the words of our detractors, but the silence of our friends; I for one will be rewarding and honoring Tom’s independence and commitment to serving our community with my vote on June 8th and encourage others to do the same. 

Christopher Chapman, Ph.D.

This endorsement is made in my personal capacity and does not reflect the support by the NAACP as an organization.