Dear Editor,

The Friends of the Library had their annual book sale. I would like to thank the residents and the library for your donations of books. We had an overwhelming amount of donations that we could not get to all the boxes so it might make for another book sale down the road. I would also like to thank the people who donated the baked goods for the bake sale. Everything went. I would like to thank the following people for their help in making this happen:  Sahasra Nagireddy and Christina Zhang for boxing some books in order to make room for setting up the tables and going through the CD’S and DVD’S so that they would be more organized.  For set up and working the sale itself: Jeff and Edna Scala, Juliana Mace who was in charge of setting up the children’s books. You did a great job. Jacquiline Basile, Camille Bonds, Lisa Mahon for being in charge of the bake sale. You did a great job. Sue Mazzeo, Phyllis Aronowitz, Frank and Laura Lemos. Deb and Audra for bringing in the boxes of books from outside so that they would not get wet from the rain that we had that night. A special Thank You to Stephanie Benko, Mike Lowey, Cheryl Nagel Smiley, Linda Hansen for putting in the time with setting up, boxing left over books. Stephanie Benko I especially thank you for putting in extra time with the sale and starting to box the leftover books. I thank Jeff Scala for picking up the donated books from one of the residents in town who does not drive. Thank You for that, I know you were very busy. And thank you to Jackie who happened to come in to fill in for someone and then asked if we needed help boxing the rest of the leftover books. She had a little time to help us pack up the books. What a life saver. And a big thank you to Linda who is always there to calm me down when I get crazy with the book sale. Just unsure if it will be a success and she is always right all the time. It was a success. Thank You Linda. All in All, we had another successful book and bake sale. 

Stephanie Bonanno President of the Friends of the South Plainfield Library