As a resident of Westfield and more importantly a parent of three children still at home, my number one priority is my children.  As a board member of both the Westfield Baseball League and the Girls Softball League of Westfield, as well as a coach in various other Westfield recreational sports programs, the children of Westfield are a high priority in my life. 

There are many parents in Westfield who volunteer for our children — and I want to bring to everyone's attention one specifically — Councilman Mark LoGrippo.  Although I am not a resident of Ward 3, I wholly support Mark's re-election because, among other things, he has a proven track record for wanting and advocating only the best for our children.

I've been a resident of Westfield for the last 8 years.  I've known Mark through recreational sports basically since we moved to town.  When my current 6th grade girls were 2nd graders, I was the head coach of a travel softball team.  The first parent to offer assistance was Mark — and his offer was unconditional.  When a parent couldn't make a game, Mark offered to drive their child.  When I couldn't make a game or practice, Mark was always there — no questions asked.  When I coached one of his children a year ago, Mark again offered his assistance in any manner.

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As an administrator of several leagues and special events within Westfield Baseball and Softball, I am always in need of volunteers: coaches, assistant coaches, parade volunteers, etc.  I never have to ask Mark to step up to the plate.  He is always the first person to email me and volunteer — why — because he understands the importance of these programs and events for our children.

Through his tenure as a Town Councilman, Mark has and continues to do all within his power not only as an elected official, but as a parent, to better the lives of our children.  Whether it's advocating for increased and better facilities at all our local parks — including Tamaques, Mindowaskin and others, or bringing to Westfield an ice skating rink so our kids either have a local venue to skate and/or don't have to travel long distances or get up at the crack of dawn for ice time, Mark only has the best interests of our children in mind.

Mark always keeps Westfield residents up to date on the issues that concern our town and our children.  I've seen him walk all over Westfield — not just during an election year — but every year — talking to residents, hearing their issues and working tirelessly to improve Westfield.

I don't have a horse in this specific re-election race since I don't live in Ward 3 -- but I do have a horse in the overall well-being of our children in Westfield.  That is why I support Mark LoGrippo for Town Council.

Jay Berger
Westfield, NJ