To the editor,

Regarding John Mackay's recent letter to the editor, "Republicans Politicizing Independence Day," Hunterdon County Republican Party Chairman Pat Torpey could not have delivered a more elegant response.

"Criticizing Republicans for ‘politicizing’ the greatest political accomplishment in our nation's history by encouraging folks to participate in Lebanon's Fourth of July parade? Participation and celebration of our Republic is what makes our Country great, as do the different points of view our citizens bring to the debate," Torpey wrote. “So, to the charge of ‘politicizing’ the Fourth of July by rallying folks to participate in the parade … guilty as charged."      

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Politicizing the greatest political accomplishment in our Nation’s history does not equate to "Not Caring About America," nor does it equate to an agenda more important than the freedom countless Americans gave their lives for despite what Mackay would like folks to believe. It would be interesting to watch Mackay walk into a VFW Post and tell those who spilled blood defending his right to curse them on a computer, rather than to their face, that they care not about the United States of America? That their agendas are more important than our freedom? He would only do it once, that's for damn sure!

Ironically, Mackay's remarks are indicative of Ben Franklin's wisdom in declaring: "We were all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." Depraved indifference and distain for America's fighting men and women must never be permitted to compromise American exceptionalism.

On a more positive note, my sincere hope is that all Americans experienced a joyful Fourth of July celebration and that God continues to bless the United States of America!

Louis Carl Reiner

Raritan Township