To the Editor:

As residents of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, we strongly urge our fellow residents to support the re-election of Rep. Tom Malinowski.  

The time and energy Tom has spent on constituents’ behalf has been nothing short of extraordinary. Crisscrossing the district every weekend and recess, Tom has held 32 Town Halls and corner meetings, and attended an astounding 250 plus community events.  In 2019, only his first full year in office, he introduced 19 pieces of legislation, and co-sponsored over 300 other bills. From meeting with North Plainfield business leaders and holding an interfaith leadership security briefing, to visiting a Morris County Head Start program in Dover and holding a veterans’ Town Hall, clearly Tom Malinowski has the desire to hear and act on what all his constituents have to say.

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Two specific problems have directly threatened our quality of life in New Jersey — the elimination of the state and local tax (SALT) deductions for federal income taxes, and the nightmare of commuting on NJ Transit.  Since the day he took office, Tom Malinowski has been relentless in developing real solutions to these issues.

To counter the Trump administration’s costly and punitive cap on the SALT deductions, Tom co-sponsored the “Restoring Tax Fairness for States and Localities Act,” which would eliminate the current $10,000 cap, and has successfully passed in the House.

For many residents, the difficulty of commuting on NJ Transit threatens our sanity and prosperity. However, Rep. Malinowski has shown his dedication to our needs in the signature accomplishment of his first term, funding for the initial stage of the long-stalled Gateway tunnel project.  With Tom’s key position on the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee, he is in the best position to continue demanding progress, and has shown he will not back down.

To paraphrase a saying about James Brown, Tom just might be the hardest working representative in Washington.  Let’s keep him there.

Laurie Woog

Steve Gorelick

Westfield, NJ