I will support the entire Republican ticket.  However, in particular I am asking you to vote for Congressional candidate Tom Kean who has represented us most well in the New Jersey Assembly and Senate and who had much to do with the elimination of the state inheritance tax.  Your children and grandchildren will benefit.  I am also asking you to vote for the team of Jubin and Hayeck for the Watchung Council.


Freddie Hayeck and Ronald Jubin are energetic and are analytical.  Their marching focus is about affordability, safety and quality of life.  Ron currently serves on the Council. Freddie serves on the Watchung Hills Board of Education.  


The 2018 election vote turn out in Watchung was less than 50%.  The result was the election of two Democrats to our Council.  Please ask yourself if Watchung is better off because the Council is now controlled by the Democratic Party?  Did not that party state that our real estate taxes would be stabilized because that party would be more competent, more skillful, more efficient than Republicans in dealing with expenditures.  Not true!  Where is the Watchung Democrat controlled Council with the library?  Is it possible that the Democratic library proposal of $6,000,000 is less expensive than the $4,000,000 rejected library referendum?  Why believe any figure ofthe Democrats?  Is it not true that the Democratic administration has failed to protect our environment?True!  Deer population and forest management issues are totally ignored by the current Council.  Would you, would Watchung, be better off with Democrats holding all the Council seats? NOT TRUE!!


Please vote.  Please vote straight Republican.  Watchung needs your vote.