To my friends and neighbors,

I am a member of the Cranford Democratic Party and the coming primary election next week is important to all of us. Please, hear my question about the opposing candidate in the coming primary.

Why is an organization from Passaic County, specifically Building Stronger Communities of North Haledon, 45 miles to the north, contributing to Hannen, a Cranford Township Committee candidate?

This Political Action Committee (PAC) is called Building Stronger Communities (BSC). In their own words, “BSC is a 527 organization [a PAC] that is aimed at supporting both public officials and candidates who are committed to improving quality of life through the enhancement of both local and regional economies. Furthermore, BSC recognizes the need to actively engage the electoral process to effectuate positive change for communities.”

I hope their idea of positive change is the same as my idea.

What interest does BSC have in Cranford and in Tom Hannen?

I’m leaning toward Kate Rappa -- no PAC money, no muck raking. Democrats, please vote in this primary; it matters.

Vote June 8.