Commitment, ethics and energy.  These are but three of the most important characteristics of any public servant and Lisa McKnight, candidate for New Providence Borough Council, scores an A+ in all these categories. 

Lisa has worked with me at Lassus Wherley & Associates for almost 14 years.  She has been a leader and role model for others in the firm.  As a Certified Financial Planner™ she has the skills and knowledge to evaluate short and long-term challenges and opportunities.  Her strong financial background has application in the fields of management, education, tax and risk.  Most importantly, however, she has the experience of working with families and organizations identifying goals and developing plans for achieving those goals.  Her candidate statement identifies her educational background, volunteer activities, civic involvement, leadership positions and professional development.

Today, serving in government is a huge commitment.  It means hours of homework to know all sides of an issue.  It means significant time devoted to community functions and getting input from community members.  And most of all it means dealing with the frustrations and limitations of budgets and other constraints.  Lisa has the faith and resolve to make this commitment and to honor the hard work it will take. 

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Ethics in government is often viewed as a contradiction.  Being ethical means making difficult choices and doing what is right for the community.  It requires a capacity to see all sides of an issue.  As an ethical individual Lisa adheres to a guiding set of principles based on her faith, her character and her experiences.

Lisa doesn’t just have energy, she is energy.  She is up before dawn, tending to family, focused at work, faithful to friends, devoted to helping neighbors, leading organizations and is always setting an example. 

The right person to serve on the New Providence Borough Council must have more than a background of service and more than an accomplished resume.  She must be committed, ethical and energetic.  Lisa McKnight is the right candidate for the position.

Clare E. Wherley, CEO 

Lassus Wherley & Associates