First of all, Antimo's would like to congratulate the winners of the recent local election in Randolph.  We would like to remind our customers and fellow Randolphians that Antimo's Pizzeria does not in any way participate in partisan politics and will never endorse any one candidate or political party.

 Unfortunately, a political party claimed that we had endorsed them and allowed a sign to be put on the property.  To be clear, Antimo's leases the building and not the surrounding property, which means that any signs on the surrounding property would need approval from the landlord.  That is why we were saddened when a Facebook post suggested we endorsed a political party and embedded a photo featuring our sign with a photo of their political sign.

Antimo's Pizzeria and Restaurant is a family oriented business which provides delicious food and treats everyone in the surrounding community like family. As owners and entrepenuers in the area, we have faithfully served Randolph for over 30 years. Please understand that we never have nor ever will endorse a candidate or political party.

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Thank you,


Fran and Pina

Owners of Antimo's Pizzeria and Restaurant