I want to personally and sincerely thank each and every one of you who supported my campaign, made it out to vote, or just took the time to encourage and cheer me on.  Every comment, hug, and kind word meant the world to me these last few months.  

We came so very close to making a change in Hawthorne from stagnant politics to new, energetic ideas and leadership.  Despite our efforts a third party candidate split the vote.  The numbers are clear.  If this had been a head to head race I would be the victor today.  I even won my home 3-1 ward district (something that hasn't been done in many years) despite the tables being stacked against me because this is where our neighbors know Drew and I best and can attest to our commitment to this town.

I'm beyond proud of the way I managed my campaign.  Where others sought to go low with distracting sound bites or gimmicky tactics, I always went high and refused to engage in immaterial and distracting mudslinging.  My only regret is that (for now) I can't get started on enacting my campaign promises of building a Hawthorne that supports both current and future residents with businesses, services, and the government representation we deserve.

Today I'm snuggling my puppies and recovering from an intense campaign season but tomorrow is a new day.  When Drew and I chose Hawthorne as our place to call home we did so because we saw community, love, inclusion, and immense potential.  That hasn't changed and I'm certainly not done fighting to try to make our town one that my family and all families can be proud to call Home.