To the Editor,

Approaching the July 7th Primary deadline, Chatham Republicans must focus on and demand a return to the levelheaded conservative philosophy that once guided us.  We ought not be so overwhelmed by national and international crises and the ceaseless drip torture of Facebook scolding as to be blind to unfortunate and unmistakable march to the Left here in the Township.

Republican Primary Candidates Mark Hamilton and Ashley Felice represent a change for the better which cannot take place soon enough, and which will put Chatham Township’s Committee back on the rails of smaller government and financial prudence. They are the positive, intelligent Conservatives we need at this time to steady our footing and regain our balance.

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In this current period of Township Committee overreach, one minute we’re wondering why ShopRite is all of a sudden making us pay for paper bags and the next minute we’re wondering why the Municipal Building is being given away to a developer to satisfy the Affordable Housing beast and leaving Chatham Township taxpayers to pick up the tab for a brand-new Town Hall. 

Thanks to the likes of Mark Hamilton and Ashley Felice, the $Multi-Million Municipal Building Land Grab was shelved so that other options could be put back on the table to reconsider what is best for this community.  The dialogue is ongoing, as it should be. 

Be it small like the ban on plastic bags, or enormous like the Municipal Building give-away, the Township has headed off in the wrong direction.  We’d better recognize that this current trend in our local government is a road to even greater overreach, more regulation, and of course, higher taxes.

It is time for the Township Committee to speak once again with a level-headed Township-First voice for our residents.

Are we facing some big issues now?  Of course, we are.  But when all the dust settles, and it will, we should not be left looking in dismay at having allowed for an even further left-leaning, big government Township Committee. 

We are going to want and need Conservative leadership to set us back up straight for whatever lies ahead.  We can secure this now by being sure to mark our Ballots for Mark and Ashley in the weeks ahead.


Karen M. Swartz

Yarmouth Rd.

Chatham Township