One of the primary themes in my campaign for Holmdel Township Committee is that we can do MORE and we can do BETTER for Holmdel’s residents.

When it comes to our seniors – that theme couldn’t be more true.

In Holmdel, I’m saddened to say, we’ve done precisely … nothing … to directly benefit our seniors. 

There’s always the promise to hold the line on taxes, which is critical given many of our senior citizens are on a fixed income.  It’s also the bare minimum – because, as I’ve written here before, I think we can do a LOT more to ease the burden of property taxes for all Holmdel residents.

But when it comes to providing services – when it comes to doing something, anything – to directly benefit the senior community; to help in their daily lives in some way, Holmdel falls frighteningly short. 

Our neighbors in Middletown and Ocean Township have far surpassed us, actually.

So, what CAN we do?

My 3-Part Plan is designed to not only make certain aspects of their lives easier, but create incentives and foster engagement within the community.

  1. We can provide free transport to and from local medical appointments.  At minimal cost to the town – and NO impact to the tax rate – we can use decommissioned police cars and volunteer (or low cost) drivers, to – at scheduled times – deliver this service.  Perhaps we can even partner with the association presidents in our Active Adult Communities to get this done.
  2. We can establish a local discount program.  For anyone 62 or older, the Township can provide free or low cost access to events.  For Holmdel-driven affairs like Harvest Fest, football games, Holmdel Theater Company productions, and others – this is a great way to ensure our seniors have an opportunity to engage – or re-engage – with some of the things that make Holmdel so unique.  If we find success with this program, perhaps we can work to extend it to local businesses as well.
  3. We can establish a senior liaison to Town Hall.  In my experience, there’s no better way to improve a situation than ensuring someone is directly responsible for addressing it.  So let’s make sure we have someone – a current township employee or volunteer – focused on the needs of the senior community and work on plans to remedy or overcome the challenges they’re facing.

Every year candidates for Holmdel Township Committee knock on the doors of our senior citizens and ask for their vote.  It’s time we start EARNING that vote.  Consider my plan a starting point to – what I hope becomes – a better, more focused effort to support our seniors.

The Republican Primary Election is June 8th.  I, along with ALL ENDORSED REPUBLICAN candidates, will be in Column 3.

If you want to learn more about me and what I stand for, you can go here: