As this local election comes to a close, Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Muñoz are the only two candidates that have shown class, compassion and empathy. Throughout the last 3 months, meeting with the residents, making phone calls and attending Borough Council meetings showing their true commitment to serving this town.  The same cannot be said for their opponent. 

False claims of fear mongering of Affordable Housing issue and lack of community inclusion of minorities were injected into this election by John FX Keane.  Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Munoz are the only candidates in this election that have educated our community of the impact of the high-density housing as it relates to our municipal infrastructure, traffic/pedestrian safety, along with the impact to our schools. 

As for the minority issue, it’s somewhat self-explanatory, with Michele and Rob being the only minority candidates in this local election. New Providence Borough Council exemplifies that the diversity in New Providence is a positive. John FX Keane is trying to turn that into a negative. The New Providence Borough Council formulated the Diversity Committee to promote awareness of the different religions, cultures, races and ethnicities that call New Providence home. As the co-liaison to the Diversity Committee, Councilman Rob Muñoz remains committed to promoting their mission. As the only woman running for Borough Council this year, Michele Matsikoudis brings a life experience that no other candidate can match.  As a point of factual order, Michele and Rob attend these meetings, their opponent does not.

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The decision is simple.  Michele and Rob have a clear vision for New Providence in continuing to keep it one of the best and safest cities in NJ.  They are the only candidates committed to prudent financial planning, managing property taxes and continuing to improve pedestrian safety.  Their leadership qualities, communication skills and experience are truly unmatched. 

Please invest some time in watching the candidate forum. It’s crystal clear who is prepared to lead New Providence going forward.  (Candidate Forum link). 

Throughout the campaign trail, here is what we’ve heard from many of our residents:

Allison Smith, NP Resident

Michele is the type of person who is happy to jump in and help whenever you need her. She is intuitive, hardworking, and considerate. As members of the New Providence community, we should participate in our town by volunteering in our schools, town committees or local non-profits. Michele is an extraordinary example of a resident who has given back and helped shape New Providence.

Brian Flanagan, NP Resident

New Providence has little room for error in dealing with these big governments.  We need Council Members with proven experience to meet our present challenges. I am glad to see letters praising these candidates written by longtime friends and neighbors whose opinions I hold in high regard.  I join them in endorsing Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Muñoz as the best candidates for our Borough Council at a time when we must have effective, experienced public leaders.

Adam Smith, a member of the Board of Education

Michele is a person of the highest character with a strong desire to serve her community. In each organization she has been involved, Michele takes on leadership role, whether formally or informally. She knows how to collect information from multiple sources before making decisions, which is why she displays such good judgment. She is honest, trustworthy, extremely hard-working and dedicated to making New Providence a better place to live.

Lisa McKnight, NP Resident

Michele’s energy and vibrancy shine through. Michele is a difference maker and she knows how to get things done and I know that she will continue to do the same for New Providence if given the opportunity.

Tom Foti, NP Resident

I’m voting for the two best candidates for the job, Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Muñoz.

Cynthia Fusillo, NP Resident

Michele will promote an atmosphere of acceptance, transparency and broad-mindedness.  I believe we can use an advocate for all of us and Michele is that person. She will listen and engage. Michele is approachable and has demonstrated her commitment to our community over and over again. … she is a unifier.

Cathy Gomber, NP Resident

What impressed me so much about Michele in this role was her unfailing enthusiasm and dedication. There was no job or task that was either above or below Michele; one minute she was running around in the Tiger Mascot suit high-fiving first graders out on the playground, the next minute she was meeting with local business owners soliciting corporate donations. She is extremely warm and compassionate, and if you bring a town problem to her, she will listen with an empathetic ear.

Madeline Keville, NP Resident

Michele and Rob have faithfully served us and our families and will continue to do so.

Catherine Mendrzycki, Lantern Hill - NP Resident

Michel and Rob are hard workers that get the job done!

Jim Slater, NP Resident

I believe that Michele and Rob have what it takes to accomplish the things that will benefit ALL of New Providence.

John FX Keane, NP Resident and Opponent

The reason we have a AAA rating is because we are prudent in the way we spend money.  That is to the credit really of the Council and all the Borough people that have been here.  They make sure they don’t spend money on stupid stuff…. New Providence Candidate Forum, (link provided 49:15 mark)

Please join me and many other New Providence residents in voting for Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Muñoz on Tuesday, November 5th.  Vote Column B.

Alex Kogan,

NP Resident