To the Editor:

Well, an eleventh-hour possible deal with Charlie Brown's to put affordable housing where it belongs? We all hope so, but with no thanks to Mike Kelly or Tracy Ness.

Why? Charlie Brown's came to them, not the other way around. Kelly first told us last year the only place we could put housing was on the municipal building property, smugly and adamantly I might add. They spent unspecified tax dollars on plans all in secrecy. Then Kelly tried to slide it through virtually unannounced and got caught. Kelly prompted lawsuits over this, and only then backtracked after his ploy for a new green deal municipal building was found to be unsustainable. Then he spent even more money on the river road project in the same manner, going against every building ordinance we have in town that is designed to protect us all. Kelly even wanted to condemn the property of private citizens!

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Kelly never wanted affordable housing near town center. He always wanted it at town hall and hid those plans for two solid years. The possibility of a deal with Charlie Brown's is what the public wants, and we all hope it goes through. It is certainly not a done deal. This deal is never what Kelly wanted, and the proof is in all his actions over the past five years. The announcement is suspect. Remember Kelly told us nothing could be made public that is being discussed in executive session as to not screw up deals etc.. Now, amazingly so, he can speak of all of this given he knows he is in the midst of a campaign and deserves to lose. All of a sudden public announcements are acceptable only for Kelly's own personal gain. We as the public should not buy into his liberal Democrat like last-minute save my election hail Mary diversion.

Kelly has caused the most public disruption I have seen in years. Kelly has blatantly disregarded pleas to not disrupt residents' lives, housing and investments. Kelly has wasted untold thousands of tax dollars on failed affordable housing plans. Kelly told us the courts would listen to nothing more and we had to move forward, but now at the eleventh hour that has miraculously changed. Kelly has proven time and again he cares nothing for the residents of our town, and a possible deal with Charlie Brown's changes none of that.

I always say keep your eye on the ball. Nothing could be more true when dealing with power-hungry, self-serving politicians such as Kelly and Ness. Do not allow this possible change in circumstances that Kelly did not seek out, but wishes to take credit for, allow him to erase all of the insanity, backroom deals, civil unrest etc. he has created over the past months and years. Charlie Brown's looking to save themselves and help our town is certainly no thanks to Kelly.

Stay safe and keep your eye on the ball!

Daniel Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Township